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More women drinking whiskey

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  A new report in Forbes Magazine show women are drinking whiskey in record numbers.

It claims 37% of all whiskey drinkers in the U.S. are now female.

At Beast and Barrel on Chattanooga's North Shore, staff there say the numbers in the report ring true here: more women want whiskey.

Pull up a seat at Randall Paulsen's bar and you'll discover this guy knows his craft.

“What if I put that in there? What will it taste like and then I'll try it and you get magic,” Paulsen said.

Through the past decade, Paulsen has seen favorites come and go but one drink has recently been gaining popularity among women—whiskey. In fact, 27% of the whiskey sold in the U.S. is bought by women.

“Maybe people who never even had whiskey are intrigued by it, you know, that combination sounds interesting. I'll try one of those,” he added.

Whether it's neat or crafted in a cocktail, more women are branching out all because of the taste. Sales of flavored whiskeys popular with women are up 58% in the last year according to Forbes.

“By making a drink with whiskey, you already have the whiskey taste and you can add to that and enhance that and make a well–rounded drink,” he said.

The appreciation is strong among men and women right here in the Scenic City as the Chattanooga Whiskey brand continues to gain momentum.

“It's rarity, it's complexity is really being appreciated like some of the great whiskeys of Ireland and Scotland and right now we're going through a great time in American whiskey making,” he said.

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