A Chattanooga man faces charges of sexual exploitation of a minor through electronic means after he sent disturbing images to the minor's cell phone.

Monday morning the minor reported to the SRO at school about receiving a video text message on her phone of a man touching himself with the text "enjoy". Chattanooga Police were then called.

The minor told police that the text message was received on Saturday around 8:30 p.m. from an unknown number. The minor did not recognize the person in the image either, then gave the cell phone to police to process.

A detective called the number attached to the video message and spoke with a man who identified himself as Mohammed Pirzada. Pirzada agreed to meet with investigators at the Police Service Center. During the interview Pirzada told police that he accidentally sent the video message to unknown parties from his cell phone. He had only intended to send the video to his girlfriend, but he allowed a stranger to use his phone which caused his cell phone to save and send the message to a number of unknown parties.

Pirzada was taken into custody and is being housed in the Hamilton County Jail on a $5000 bond.