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Teens arrested in Bradley vapor store burglaries

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - "Juveniles are really interested in vapor cigarettes, it's a popular thing," says Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson after Tuesday's arrest of four Bradley County teens, charged in a trio of burglaries involving two vapor stores.

"They steal it, to use and consume and sell at high school," explains Watson. " These juveniles were selling it at high school to their colleagues."    

One store, Golden Vapors in Cleveland, was hit twice in the span of seven days.

"We're still in business," smiles owner Tim LeGrand. "Got plywood on the door but we're still letting people it, it's business as usual." 

LeGrand says in both instances, the burglars used a rock to bust down the store's front door.  "Its kind of a growing thread across the state,  a lot of departments are having problems with vapor stores being broken into," says Sheriff Watson.

Mountain Oaks near Charleston was the other vapor store allegedly hit by the teen burglars.  Watson says his department is sensitive to business burglaries, which is why beyond suggesting the standard video surveillance system to store owners, his deputies are conducting nightly business checks.  And while these latest arrests involve minors, Watson says they're age won't be a mitigating factor when they go to court.  The thieves "take" is reportedly over 10 thousand dollars, hardly considered "child's play"

"They're 15 to 17-years-old and one thing, we're going to go after these teens a little bit harder because of the multiple offenses and we're going to actually ask the judge to give them time at the juvenile facility," says Watson. 

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