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No Hoods Allowed!

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(WFLA) With last week's cooler temperatures, demand for jackets is up at Tyrone Middle School in St. Petersburg, Florida.

But Tyrone and some other schools in Pinellas County prohibit students from wearing jackets with hoods.

"I think it's ludicrous. It's unfair. We've already abided by the regular dress codes," said a parent, Laquanda Everette.

"I don't like it for cold weather reasons. I just think it's pretty crazy actually," said another parent, Wendy Brzozowski.

The rule is spelled out in big, bold letters in the student dress code, but some parents and students don't like it.

"I think we should have hoods," said a student, Hanna Brzozowski.

Terri Carlson has two students at Tyrone.

"The hood rule is ridiculous. If it's cold, if it's raining, they can't be protected," she said.

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