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Red Bank High School hosts classes geared towards parents

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RED BANK, TN (WRCB) - Night classes were in session Tuesday evening at Red Bank High School, but these classes aren't for students of the school, they're for the parents.

Teachers in Red Bank say they've had a lot of empty rooms on parent nights, and have seen little involvement, so now they're trying to bridge the gap.

The idea stems from a school system in Ohio, where they were able to provide classes to help parents, which they found in return, helped their students.              

Red Bank is hoping for the same positive results for not only their school, but their community.

Stacey Bandy is a 9th grade English teacher at Red Bank High School; she says many times seats remain empty during parent meetings.

"Right now we have a lot of parents that don't come to our conferences, they don't come to meetings, some of them are intimidated," said Bandy.

She says that's because some are uneducated, or simply don't speak English.

"We have a lot of parents that come from other countries," said Bandy.

Nozipho Moyo teaches Spanish at the high school. She says that lack of involvement between the teachers and parents has a negative impact on the students.

"That is definitely an issue," said Moyo. "Our students are like any others, they want to succeed."

These teachers are determined to make sure they do, by providing classes for parents to learn the language and giving them the tools they need to prepare to take their GED.

"[We] just want to bridge the gap between parents and teachers. I want parents to feel confident, to feel comfortable," said Moyo.

Bandy says the school is no longer serving just the students, but the whole family.

"When you take care of the whole family, then the students achieve because there are so many things they don't have to worry about anymore," said Brandy.

"We want to know our parents, we want to meet our parents, we want to help our parents, especially those who don't have a high school diploma or are non-English speaking parents we just want to reach out to them and help them and let them know we are here," said Moyo.

The classes will take place every Tuesday starting at 2:30 p.m. and are free.

They are also offering courses in finance, parenting and health, one Saturday a month, starting with this Saturday at 10 a.m.

That program will go through April.

They are hoping to expand the program to last all year long and eventually have a health expo for the families.

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