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Teaching kids the signs and symptoms of a stroke

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Erlanger is teaming up with East Brainerd Elementary to teach students the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

Medical specialists from Erlanger's Stroke Program were on hand to promote stroke awareness.

The goal of the program is to educate 5th grade students on the signs of a stroke, so they can have a better understanding of the condition, and know the importance of staying healthy.

Both school and medicals specialists hope the initiative will help save lives for years to come.

Fannie Moore, instructional coach, "They went home and spoke to their parents about it. Friends, family and they're also teaching loved ones about it and that's really key."

Life Force was scheduled to land at the school for Tuesday's program, but was cancelled because of the weather.

The program also included a poster contest and the winners were announced at lunch.

This is the second year erlanger has partnered with east brainerd elementary for the event.

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