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North Georgia girl home recovering after being hit by a car

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ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) - A North Georgia school is rallying around one of its students who is recovering after she was hit by a car. The eight-year-old is now home after spending three days in the hospital. The accident happened Friday near the intersection of Fine Street and Mission Ridge Road in Walker County.

Eight-year-old Natalie Winter has been through a lot over the past several days. After the accident, she was on a ventilator in the ICU and suffered several seizures. But her mom says Natalie is bouncing back in full force. She is now home and hopes her daughter can make a full recovery.

"It's a very busy road. People speed on this road constantly," says Ken Stevens. "I've been expecting something like this to happen."

Ken Stevens was home with his nephew Friday evening when he heard a chilling sound.

"It was so loud I heard it in my kitchen, which is all the way in the back. I thought it was a car wreck, you know?"

His nephew screamed from the living room.

"He saw her go flying through the air from the car," says Stevens.

Orange spray paint marks the spot where a car hit eight-year-old Natalie Winter. Stevens remembers grabbing a blanket and running to her side.

"It was kind of chilly, you know? She was laying on the ground. I knew she was probably in shock."

Winter's mother tells Channel 3 her daughter does not remember much, saying she may have chased a ball into the street. Natalie now sits at home with staples in her head, a fractured pelvis, and road rash. But amazingly, her mother says, she survived and is on the slow path to recovery. And she is not the only one who is thankful.     

"Yes, I am," says Stevens. "I was afraid she at least had brain damage, you know?"

"I'm going to tell you, I thank the Lord. I think that she's a very fortunate young girl," says Clay Powell.

Clay Powell is a pastor and Natalie's bus driver at Cherokee Ridge Elementary School. Her classmates and teachers put together a care package, which Powell plans to deliver. 

"They really wanted to help," he says.

Powell says for many children, their school is a second family. He wants Natalie to know there are many people praying for her.

"To me, that's a main thing for these kids, to be there for them. To know that they've got somebody that don't care just when they're playing a ball game or when they make a good grade or something of that nature, but somebody that's there when life turns down," says Powell.

Georgia State Patrol says the driver of the car will not face charges.

Natalie's mother says thankfully the car was only traveling about 25 miles an hour when it hit Natalie, saying her injuries could have been much worse.

Cherokee Ridge is working with Natalie to where she can complete her school work at home as she recovers. 
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