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Deputy's stolen sniper rifle recovered in Grundy County drug and gun bust

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GRUNDY COUNTY, TN - Grundy County deputies found guns, drugs and cash inside of a home, Monday. Officials said one of the recovered rifles had been stolen from a sheriff's deputy.

"I suspected it had been happening for a long time but it's just unbelievable you know. It's so close to home," said neighbor JB Keel.

Keel lives across the street from the home where deputies arrested Charles and Larry Meeks on guns and drug charges.

"Local and federal agents are involved and the case keeps getting larger and larger," said Sheriff Clint Shrum.

Inside the home, deputies and ATF agents found 13-stolen guns, more than 7 grams of meth and cash.

"We found $1,048, it sounds like a lot of money and it is especially here in Grundy County. We think they were taking in these guns to trade-in for drugs," said Sheriff Shrum.

After a tip deputies secretly watched the house for 3 months. Sheriff Shrum says their investigation heated up last week when a sniper-style rifle was stolen out from a deputy's home.

"One of the guns we recovered was a stolen weapon from one of our deputies," said Sheriff Shrum. "It wasn't department issued but it was a .308 Winchester Sniper Rifle set up to do that kind of work so we're glad to get that back."

Authorities say some of the guns found were stolen out of California. Sheriff Shrum says his office is cracking down on crime. He has a message for criminals.

"We do suspect some more people are involved that's why the investigation is continuing," said the Sheriff. "We're trying to make it safer that is our number one goal. We want to make Grundy County a better place and we're coming after these people living a life of illegal activity. This will not be the last, I guarantee you...we're coming."

"It's good. I'm glad something is being done in Grundy County because this county is eat up in drugs," said Keel.

Officials said there is no relation between Charles Meeks and Larry Meeks. Charles is facing several charges including drug paraphernalia, aggravated burglary, and aggravated assault. Officials say a bullet was fired through the deputy's home when his rifle was stolen, however no one was injured. Larry Meeks is also charged with drug paraphernalia.

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