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Rap lyric or threat to kill? Man arrested after Facebook post

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A comment about a Channel 3 Facebook post could land a man in prison.

Prosecutors think the comment went too far and was actually a call for murder.

Demetrice Carson, 25, faced a judge in Chattanooga Tuesday. He's been out on bond since his October arrest.

But now a rap lyric has become the alibi.

Ladarius Nollie testified Tuesday he felt threatened by a Facebook post from Carson. Nollie was shot earlier this year and Channel 3 covered his testimony against the alleged shooter in a preliminary hearing.

Carson picked up on Channel 3's coverage of the preliminary hearing, linked to the story and posted this on Facebook: "Knock his ass off if he talk to polices!!!!! Free blue light.."

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"Blue Light" is the nickname of Jermichael Brooks, the man Nollie says shot him. Brooks is also a local rapper and sang the following lyric in a song titled "Decent" by Frank White: "Knock his ass off if he talk to polices."

That lyric is identical to this perceived threat on Carson's Facebook page. Carson's attorney argued in court that all his client did was post a lyric on his social media page. But Andrew Peker, an investigator with the Chattanooga Police Department, disagreed.

"When it's tied to a picture of testimony in court, to me it's not a lyric anymore, it's a threat," he said. "Once it was tied to that photograph, it was very clear, you know, we know he's cooperating with police, we know he's talking in court... Kill him."

Judge Lila Statom ruled Tuesday there was enough evidence to bound the case over the grand jury.

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