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Olgiati bridge surveyed for future expansion

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Highway 27 was cut back to one lane all day in order for TDOT crews to survey the bridge for a possible future expansion.

It was a busy day on the Olgiati bridge as crews surveyed it's structure.

They're checking the dimensions of the bridge for a proposed expansion of downtown US-27.

"The project hasn't been funded yet, but when the funding becomes available we want to be ready to start the project," said Chris Smith, Operations District Supervisor.

Smith says they're using LiDAR technology to conduct the survey, giving them a 3D model of the road and its data.

"It sends a ray of light out, bounces off a surface and collects the signal back. You can tell how far away it is, what elevation," said Smith. "It's a quicker way to survey, a little more sophisticated."

Not to mention it typically is a safer option for crews.

"You just saw the guy driving through the work zone. It does happen a lot," said Smith. "It's dangerous for us to be out here and it's dangerous to the motoring public."

In most cases they would be stationed on the side of the roadway, out of traffic.

"We wouldn't have to shut the road down, but since it's on a bridge, the bridge will bounce,” said Smith.

TDOT officials say it won't be until this spring before they know if it is included in the latest three-year transportation improvement plan to receive construction funding.  
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