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Hoarded animals signed over to Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office

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The man at the center of an animal hoarding case has signed over 42 of the more than 80 animals rescued from two locations.

The animals have been released to the Sequatchie Sheriff's Office, with the expectation they will be given to the Chattanooga Humane Society.

Geoffrey Peterson faces a number of charges of animal cruelty after more than 80 animals were found living in deplorable conditions, some were deceased.

"This is a major step in their journey as they're being prepped for their new homes," said Bob Scitrullo, Executive Director, Chattanooga Humane Society.

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32 dogs and 10 cats are being "groomed" for a life with meaning.

"Some of them were very outgoing from day one and you'd never think or imagine they were involved in this," said Scitrullo. "Others are just having some difficulty trusting people to where you have to pick them up and carry them outside."

For many of these dogs, they don't know anything other than the nasty conditions they were forced to live in. So they're learning as adults, what they should have as pups.

"You may walk them in the grass and they don't understand what the grass is like. They walk on linoleum and freeze because they're not used to it," said Scitrullo.

Staff and volunteers at the Chattanooga Humane Society are working around the clock to socialize these loving animals and get them back up to a normal weight.

"You look at the animals and say my gosh, look at them and see what they've had to endure in an undetermined amount of time. It's very sad," said Scitrullo.

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They're in it for the long haul, until these attention starved pals have loving homes.

"We're not giving up, we're definitely pushing on to do the best that we can," said Scitrullo.

It will be at least three weeks until any of the animals are available for adoption.

The Humane Society of the United States and Petsmart Charities has helped with the financial costs so far, but once these animals are officially signed over to the Chattanooga Humane Society, they will be expected to take care of all costs.

They tell us it takes $75, per animal, a day to care for these animals.

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