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Girl says she knows she'll die without chemo

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Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A 17-year-old Connecticut girl being forced by state officials to undergo chemotherapy says she understands she'll die if she stops treatment but it should be her decision.

The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday state officials aren't violating the rights of Cassandra C., who has Hodgkin lymphoma.

Cassandra tells The Associated Press in an exclusive text interview it disgusts her to have "such toxic harmful drugs" in her body and she'd like to explore alternative treatments.

She says she understands "death is the outcome of refusing chemo" but she believes in "the quality" of her life, not the quantity.

The court ruled Cassandra's lawyers had the opportunity to prove she's mature enough to make that decision during a Juvenile Court hearing in December and failed to do so.

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