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Tips for exercising in the cold weather

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This kind of weather definitely doesn't stop hardcore exercise enthusiasts. A few members of the Chattanooga Track Club went for a short two mile run at noon when the temperature was barely 20 degrees.

Before we talk clothing, these runners have to mentally prepare themselves for this kind of weather. They say because of the common interest they share and the camaraderie, they're like family. This helps them get through the rough conditions together.

Now let's talk clothing, hats and gloves are musts to prevent frostbite. Maybe even a scarf to cover your mouth and nose. These runners say to wear several thin layers of different materials to keep warm and absorb perspiration. They can be affordable clothing available at places like Walmart or Target.  This makes it easy for anyone to jog outdoors almost any day of the winter.

Stacey Malecky, runner, "It's kind of hard to talk yourself off the couch, knowing you're going to come out in the cold. But if you have people waiting for you, you have great conversation and it goes by fast."

Melissa Gwynn, runner, "I'm wearing a pair of merino wool tights and then a pair of warm-up pants. So it's a double layer there. Technically, it's three layers on the legs. I've got three shirts on, two wicking and one wool on top, and then a jacket."

So the idea is many thin layers so you can still move around, and of course, cover your extremities.  Doctors and trainers also say make sure you drink plenty of water. Whether it's hot or cold, you still get dehydrated.

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