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How Safe Are They?

E Cigarette Dangers

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 In an effort to help her quit smoking Paula Brown started sing an e-cigarette.  She'd used tobacco for decades and was becoming increasingly aware of the negative side effects.

Paula Brown says "probably the worst side effect that I had from smoking was the heaviness in your chest and taste and smell."

While the E-cigarette has kept Paula away from tobacco, medical experts say there are dangers in e-cigarettes that are just now coming to light.
  In a recent study, researchers at National Jewish Health in denver tested the liquid used in e-cigarette, sometimes called e-liquid...and noticed just how quickly human cells were damaged by it.   

Dr. Hong Wei Chu, National Jewish Health says "you add the , you know the e-liquid to the cells, it increased the levels of viral infection inside the cells."

Dr.Hong Wei Chu led the study. His team put cells from the airways of young, healthy non smokers in one end and in the other, they put an e-cigarette.

They found after just ten minutes of exposure the cells were damged, the damage lasted 24 hours or longer and the risk of respiratory infection increased substantially.

What's even more troubling is that it didn't matter if the liquid contained nicotine or not, the liquid itself did the damage.

Something experts worry about, given how some products are flavored and actually marketed to teenagers.

Dr. David Tinkelman says "when you flavor them in that way not only are they appealing, but, falsely, the user see them as -oh no big deal.- They're not bad for me."

But there is mounting evidence they can be bad for you regardless of why you use them or how old you are.

The use of e-cigarettes has shot up more than 620 percent since 2010.  Today more than 40 million adults in the U.S. Have tried them.  While some medical experts think they may be a safer alternative to tobacco, most insist we need to do more research to fully understand the impact they have on the body."    

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