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Parents say school delays inconvenient

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - This cold snap will be disrupting a lot of schedules on Thursday and while, the school systems set delays for safety, some parents are not too thrilled about the decision.

The delays are causing problems for working parents like Timothy Truelove.

"I either have to make other arrangements, call into work, wait and go in late or lose pay," said Truelove.

Safety is the top concern for most parents and Michael Truelove says he understands not putting kids outside in frigid temperatures, but doesn't quite get the logic behind a two-hour delay.

"I feel on a two hour delay the temp is only estimated to change roughly two to three degrees in that amount of time," said Michael Truelove.

"What's their concern of delaying two hours? Why can't that be all day if it's not going to raise that much more?" said Timothy Truelove.

Not to mention the added inconvenience.

"The two hour delay causes enough issues in itself, plus transportation, then a few hours later you have to turn right back around to get them," said Michael Truelove.

Michael Truelove says he feels school should start on-time or be canceled all together if the children's safety is at risk.

"It's just not worth the risk when you have temps that low and a wind chill," said Michel Truelove.

School officials say the two hour delay is to help with safety, they say when the sun is up it makes it easier to see potential problems on the roadways.

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