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Crime Stoppers: Armed Robbery at Long John Silver's

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Long John Silver's is a place you would not pin for a morning hold-up, but that is just what happened on December 12th. The restaurant shares space with a KFC at Highway 153 and Hixson Pike.

Early on that Friday morning, a security camera mounted at the front door caught the image of our suspects. The first was wearing a light blue hoodie and what look to be khakis. He covered his face as he entered the store, but in plain view, he carrying a gun. His partner is also in a hoodie and jeans.

They forced the clerk to the store safe, which was on a timer that was just about to open. It is a detail which Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland confirmed, makes one think these two did not pick this place at random. "Maybe one of them or both of them worked in a fast food chain in the past and they knew, you know, what the schedule would be like," he said. "Or maybe they just got lucky."

They took the money and ran. Investigators believe they sped away in the dark colored sedan seen in the distance in another surveillance camera picture.

Can you put these clues together? Or, do you simply know these two? Police say they are black males and they also say criminals talk. We can make their sordid tales of armed robbery profitable for you and they will never know you turned them in.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 reward cash is on the table. While a police officer may answer the phone or return your call, he will never ask who you are.

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