It's pretty cold out there. Most of Tennessee and parts of Georgia will see frigid temperatures. 

Some general safety reminders:


  • Check on elderly or single neighbors to make sure they're safe and warm
  • Like your mom always said, hats and gloves can keep you warm and prevent frostbite
  • Keep electrical and space heaters away from curtains, upholstered furniture and loose clothing
  • Make sure wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are properly ventilated
  • Check batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

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  • Bring your pets indoors - Puppies and kittens are especially susceptible to cold temperatures as are older animals and those with short hair
  • Check your car - Cats are known for liking warm places, and a warm engine can be a dangerous spot once the car is started. Thump the hood or fenders before you start the car
  • Wipe ‘em off - Cleaning dogs and cat's feet after being outside will remove salt and other chemicals which could be toxic to them
  • Help out wildlife - A bird feeder can help our feather friends when it's hard to find food normally, and you'll benefit from their songs


  • Check anti-freeze to see that it protects the engine down to -30 F
  • If the battery is weak or more than three years old, consider replacing it
  • Put winter-blended windshield washer fluid in the reservoir so that the windshield can be cleaned at critical times without icing up
  • Fill the gas tank to help avoid fuel line freeze-up
  • If the tire pressures are low, fill them up today – the extreme cold weather will make them dangerously underinflated tomorrow
  • If not possible to park the car in a garage, consider covering the windshield with a blanket or some other large cloth, anchoring it in the doors and under the windshield wipers. This can eliminate manually scraping ice off the windshield tomorrow, or waiting long times for the engine and defroster to clear the ice
  • Consider what to take inside from the car tonight: portable electronic items may be damaged by extreme cold and containers of water or other fluids may freeze and then burst when warmed up tomorrow


  • Close off vents to crawl spaces and basements to prevent cold air from freezing pipes
  • Install faucet covers outdoors
  • Know where your water shutoff valve is located

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SOURCES: PETA, Tennessee AAA, Tennessee American Water