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Deadly Drinking

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Despite what you might think college kids on spring break are not the group in the US most likely to die from alcohol poisoning.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the majority of adults who die after binge drinking, 76-percent are middle aged people, most often white men.

Dr. Robert Brewer, CDC, "This is a group that we know that does also engage in binge drinking at fairly high levels. And what's of particular concern here is not just the fact that people binge drink -- but it's the amount that they drink when they do."

38-million people in this country report binge drinking several times a month, downing an average of 8 drinks in a sitting.

So much alcohol at one time can shut down areas of the brain that control breathing and heart rate.

The CDC report found regional differences, too with the highest rates of drinking deaths in Alaska and New Mexico.

"People who are more socially isolated may also have higher rates of poisoning deaths, because under those circumstances, people who drink a lot may not be found for some time afterward."

The data show this can happen to anyone most deaths from alcohol poisoning were among people who were not alcoholics.

Erika Edwards, NBC News.

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