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Local plumber urging everyone to prepare for winter weather

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When it comes to the bitterly cold temperatures, we're all probably a little out of practice.  The cold weather crept up on many of us last year and it left some with hefty bills for repairs with busted pipes.

Wednesday will make one year since Courts of Waterford saw water damage to more than 50 units after pipes burst.  The complex is not taking the same chances this year and is now requiring the residents to take precautions by requiring their residents to keep their thermostat at 69 degrees, and letting their faucets drip.  But Courts at Waterford weren't the only ones with bad luck. 

"Last January is probably the most overtime we've worked in 10 years," said Kay Keefe, Keefe Plumbing.

Keefe says they're prepared for the winter weather that's due to hit Wednesday, but aren't so sure residents are since temperatures have been so mild.  

"If people would just prepare, they would save themselves a lot of trouble," said Keefe. 

It takes just five minutes and regardless of your budget, you'll find something to protect your home.

Kyle Burriss from Ace Hardware says you should cover your outdoor faucets with styrofoam or plastic covers. He says you could even use a few things lying around the house.

"If you can't get anything else, a few rags or bags and tape and that's going to be really the quickest do it yourself fix," said Burriss.  

For the price of one of the covers, Burriss says it's worth the trip to the store.

"Two dollars is a lot better than a plumber's fee," said Burris not to mention the cost for damages if your pipes do burst.

"If you're not home when it happens, then that water can run half a day, several hours and then you're looking at an extensive property damage claim," said Keefe.

Aside from faucet covers, you should also shut the vents that lead to your crawl space. If your vents don't close, a piece of cardboard taped to it will do.

Another thing to remember: If you're pipes do freeze, just make sure you open the faucet. The damage isn't typically done until the water melts and has nowhere to go

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