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Stolen flag replaced

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Billy Creech, veteran, "I like patriotism and I like the flag and I think everyone should have a flag outside their home"  Retired Captain Billy Creech is a proud American citizen.  He spent 25 years serving our country in the Nnavy.

And he likes to fly the stars and stripes outside his Orange Park home until one day, it was gone.

Billy Creech, "Yep, I looked up and it wasn't there."  Someone had stolen this proud veteran's flag.  "Well I just couldn't believe someone would steal the American flag"

His youngest daughter, Evelyn, took her frustrations with the theft to Facebook.

Evelyn Creech, daughter. "When I got home I posted 'I can't believe somebody would steal my dad's flag out of the front yard'" especially with Jacksonville being a military town.

But this is where this story turns from sad to uplifting.  The post was seen by the eyes of Specialist Christopher Stann.

Christopher Stann, Army Specialist, "I saw the Facebook post and immediately it kind of made me upset you know somebody who would steal the flag from a veteran who's retired on his time 25 plus years it just upset me and I had to do something"

So he got his unit, the 351st Military Police Company Unit, to fly a flag for Mr. Creech and sent the picture to Evelyn.

"This was the post I got with the flag he was flying",she could barely believe her eyes.

Evelyn Creech, "but it really touched my father and we really appreciated that"

And Specialist Stann took it a step further, when he arrived back stateside he personally delivered the flag flown to Mr. Creech.

Billy Creech, veteran, "I never had met him before and he gave me the flag"

Two men, two different generations, but one common bond.

A love and respect of our country and its servicemen and women.

Christopher Stann, Army Specialist, "it feels great I mean any time you can do something for previous generations of military paves the way for me to be able to do my job and do what I can do it just feels amazing"

Billy Creech, veteran, "that's the way it should be -- that's the way this country should be is everyone sticking together and looking out for one another"
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