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CPD detective sent back to jail on Monday

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Chattanooga Police Major Crimes Detective David Catchings, Jr. was sent back to jail on Monday, less than a week after his second arrest.

Judge Gary Starnes set the 34-year-old's bond at $5,000 and ordered the detective must undergo an alcohol and drug use assessment and wear an alcohol monitoring device after he gets out of jail.

Catchings was already out on bond following a DUI arrest in September. The assault charge from Thursday morning violated that bond.

"Police officers get the benefit of the doubt early on in the process. It depends on the facts and circumstances," said Chattanooga attorney Jerry Summers, who has represented several police officers in his career.

"Most of the men and women try and do their jobs. Every once in a while you get a bad apple," Summers said. "The biggest problem you have with law enforcement is they're like lawyers and doctors -- we don't get rid of the bad apples quick enough."

Catchings is still on paid administrative leave after his September DUI arrest.

On New Year's Eve, police say Catchings hit his mother-in-law in the face after making a few beer runs. Now CPD has two separate internal investigations.

Chief Fred Fletcher said the paid leave is standard.

"We don't want to discipline somebody who only has allegations of misconduct," Fletcher said. "It's standard procedure in the agency I came from, it's standard procedure here, and it's best practice across the law enforcement industry."

Those blood test results, taken after the alleged beer runs, are still pending.

Summers said it can take some time for those tests to come back from the TBI and may cause cases to get delayed.

"Many times we'll have to ask that it be put over an additional 30 days because they're behind, and it depends on the volume of cases they get," he said.

Catchings' next court date is set for Friday.
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