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Hoodies could become illegal in one state

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) - The cold weather has many sporting hoodies outside to help fight the cold, but wearing a hood in a public place could soon be against the law in Oklahoma.

The idea of banning hoods is not new to Oklahoma, right now, there is a law banning hoods during crimes that's been around since the 20's.

It was originally drafted to help combat crimes from the Klu-Klux-Klan, but people we spoke with say a new amendment of banning hoodies in public could open doors to a bigger problem.

They're a common closet find, the hoodie.

“I've been wearing hoodies since I was a little kid,” Eduar Carreon, a hoodie user said.

Even Kevin Durant is a hoodie fan.

“If somebody is out running, especially in this kind of weather, where it`s cold, drizzly, you might be inclined to wear your hoodie at Lake Hefner,” attorney James Siderias said.

“21 OS 1301 has always made it a crime to wear a hoodie or some sort of disguise during the commission of criminal offense,” Siderias says.

Now, a proposal for an amendment to that law, could make it illegal to hide your identity in public. The fine for your fashion crime? $500.

“I think this is a violation of an individual's right to chose what they want to wear as long as it doesn't violate the realm of public decency and moral values, and I think this could be very problematic,” Siderias said.

The proposal provides exceptions for religious garments, protection from weather, parades, Halloween celebrations and numerous other circumstances.

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