Many celebrate the New Year in different ways; some with fireworks, others with noise makers. But one woman says she found a bullet in her home from what she believes were celebratory shots fired at midnight.

"For a minute I couldn't even come in the bedroom because I kept thinking ‘what if, what if, what if'. It really traumatized me," said Paulett Robinson.

Robinson has been out celebrating the New Year out with her husband.

"We typically don't go out for various reasons. We decided we would go out this year because we were having the coke celebration downtown," said Robinson.

She says she and her husband were gone for at most an hour and when they returned.

"I came in the bedroom to get undressed and the first thing I noticed was plaster all over the bedroom on the floor," said Robinson. "I looked up at the ceiling and said that looks like a bullet hole."

What she was looking at was the exit point of a bullet with the casing just a few feet away.

Robinson says she believes it was from someone shooting into the air as a New Year celebration and says that night out on the town possibly saved their lives.

"What if somebody had been here, what could have happened?" said Robinson. "I pretty much could have been in here getting ready to go to bed. Me and my husband, we could not be here today."

Robinson says this serves as a reminder to everyone to practice gun safety.

Today, she is just thankful for the safety of herself and her husband.

"It was by the grace of God we were not at home. Going out is something we don't do," said Robinson.

Robinson says when the roof repairman came on Saturday; he found a second bullet lodged in the roof

She is contemplating moving after the incident.