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Chattanooga ranked number one in country for flu activity

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The flu is wide spread across the country, claiming the lives of 15 people.

Walgreen's pharmacy has been keeping tabs on the flu, ranking the highest activity in the 50 states, and of the hundreds of cities they're tracking, Chattanooga lands a spot at number one.    

Trailing not far behind is Knoxville, Nashville and the Tri-Cities.

Locals like Sarah Moser say her friends and family have been affected by the illness and it's made her second guess whether or not she'll get it.

"I don't get the flu shot. So there's always a little uncertainty,” said Moser. "I might build up my courage up to do that."

Moser isn't very positive when it comes to the flu and believes it could be sticking around for a little while.

"Things usually get worse before they get better," said Moser.

Moser is hoping they do get better, saying she doesn't have time to get sick.

"Yeah I don't much like it," said Moser. "It's irritating."

Despite the flu being wide-spread in Tennessee, Jack Chambers says he didn't get the shot and doesn't plan to, instead he says he will do other preventative things to keep himself well.

"I guess just wash my hands, stay away from my friends if they're sick and not drink after them," said Chambers.

It's not too late to get your flu shot. You can get them at the local health department or any pharmacy.
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