(WRCB) - In today's fishing world selecting the right bass lure is often an impossible task. Most lures on the market today are proven to catch fish in a variety of situations and conditions. Below is the Channel 3 Outdoors best bass lures for each month of the 2014 fishing season on Chickamauga Lake.

January and February 2014
- The Tennessee Rig and jerk bait slowed down from the second straight year, but still produced a few good strings of fish. It was the rattle trap that took top honors producing fish and winning tournaments.

- The rattle trap bite remained strong as fish began to move back in creeks and coves. Chatter baits and soft plastics were also top producing baits.

– Creature baits and tubes became one of the most popular baits as bass beds seemed to be the target for many anglers.

– Anglers were using a large variety of baits, but the deep diving cranks and big swim baits ruled this month producing huge strings of post spawn bass.

- Swim baits took the top position as bass began to move into deeper water.

- The 10 inch worm began to produce huge strings of fish both day and night as the weather turned hot and dry. Swim jigs worked over new grass beds also produced some fish for anglers.

- The football jig was the dominate bait and brought home the bacon for many anglers.

September and October
– 10 inch worms worked around the edges of grass beds continued into October. High water conditions made the frog bite a big disappointment for a lot of anglers this season, but there were still a few good days of frog fishing.

November and December
- The grass quickly disappeared and the rig bite again for the second straight year is only fair at best with traps and jerk baits being the winning baits for these months.

With a mild winter to date, many angler are wondering what has happened to the great Lake Chickamauga. Only time will tell if she can withstand the relentless fishing pressure combined with the heavy application of herbicide and the unusual amount of commercial fishing in the bass wintering areas that has taken place in 2014. Good luck fishing in 2015.