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Lost and missing pet owners fear animals involved in Sequatchie Co. rescue

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SEQUATCHIE COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A Cleveland woman says she's been looking for her two lost dogs for nearly 10 months.

Tammy Adams says she was camping with her family, when the two dogs went missing.
Now she can't help but wonder if her dogs are among the dozens rescued from a Sequatchie County home nearly two weeks ago.

Unfortunately Tammy Adams isn't the only one in the community who has lost or missing pets and thinks they could have ended up being rescued from the raided home.

"And it's sad to see all these people that are missing their animals that are fearful that they ended up in these conditions," said Jamie McAloon Lampman, Executive Director, McKamey Animal Center.
People have been calling and sending in pictures, hoping the can find answers to their lost or missing pets.
Among them is Tammy Adams. Her two dogs went missing while camping on their Dunlap property in March.

"I don't know I Just never stopped hoping that we might find them," Adams said, "And I get real emotional about it because they're like our family."

Her dogs, Huck and Josie, never returned back to their family.
When Adams saw our news coverage of the animal rescue on Austin Road, she immediately thought of them.

"I was really horrified because I told my husband that was my worst nightmare," Adams said, "Would be that they would be somewhere where someone was being cruel to them."
Geoffrey Peterson will return to court on Tuesday and face charges of animal cruelty.

But anyone with concerns can email investigators at the Humane Society of the United States directly, at Tennessee@HSUS.org.

People should attach their most recent photo of their pet, and current contact information.

"They can email it to that address with a current picture and they will contact them if they see a dog or a cat that looks like theirs, they'll contact them," said Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock.
Peterson's lawyer never said where he got the 59 dogs found in his home, only that he would take in and care for any dog he found.

Adams says her gut is telling her among the rescued animals are her two lost dogs. But without seeing for herself, she could be wrong.

"And I'll just have to accept that," Adams said, "I don't think I'll ever stop looking for them, until I know different."

Adams has reached out to the Humane Society of the United States and is waiting for a reply.

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