Many are counting down the hours until Chattanooga rings in 2015.

And this team from Solid Rock Live is working around the clock to make sure the Scenic City's first New Year's event is flawless.

“A lot of times when you do projection mapping on a building, you just do it on the building. But since the DoubleTree is red and yellow, that wouldn't look so hot so we actually ended up putting a screen material in front of that center section so we'd be able to see it,” Michael Easparam with Solid Rock Live said.

They're trying to find the perfect combination of projectors, lights and even sound to make the most enjoyable experience.

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“Probably the biggest challenge was the time frame, now that I think about it, to put it together. It was kind of a quick thing,” Easparam added.

Chattanooga firefighter Jason Greer and his son Tristin, 17, will flip the switch to begin the countdown to the New Year.

You may remember Greer when he completed the Chattanooga Ironman competition to raise money for the organizations that helped treat Tristin, who is battling cancer.

Peter Guarneiri helped coordinate the event and says organizers wanted to put a spin on the spectacle by making the Coca-Cola bottle rise with the clock strikes midnight.

“We want 2015 to be something we aspire to. Something that we are eagerly awaiting and looking forward to so we thought a rising situation would be a better symbol of 2015,” he said.

The event is also family friendly and includes a Kidz Zone as well as local mascots.

CARTA is helping out with parking by extending their shuttle service hours until 12:30.