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Athens mother & son charged with forging nearly $48,000

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ATHENS, TN (WRCB) -  An Athens Realty company secretary is fired after forging nearly $50,000 in stolen checks. Police say the woman teamed up with her son to pocket the cash from banks across the area.

"She said she just had trust in her employee, and she didn't notice it because she trusted her," said Athens Police Detective Josh Rhodes.

Rhodes said that when the owner of Athens Realty first went to police, she thought she had just a handful of checks missing.

"When she went and spoke with her bank, she was actually missing 63 checks that amounted to $47,000 and some change," Rhodes said.

One of the realty company's secretaries, who had been an employee since July 2005, is accused of pocketing the cash.

Police say Karen Wilson, 56, of Athens worked with her son, Nathaniel Grinter, 32, to cash over 60 checks at banks across the area using forged names. Many of them were cashed at Athens Federal Community Bank.

It had been going on for almost an entire year without anyone noticing. When the owner did notice the missing money, she fired Wilson right away. She declined to comment on Tuesday.

According to Wilson's LinkedIn profile, she had been an employee there for over nine years working as an administrative assistant.

While being questioned by police, the 56-year-old denied everything and tried blaming the whole thing on her son.

"She said that her son must have taken her keys and taken the checks without her knowledge," Rhodes said.

Also during her interview, Wilson told police she couldn't afford to have a felony against her. She was then booked and charged with 47 counts of forgery.

"She made the statement several times that she could not have a felony charge on her record for an unknown reason," said Rhodes. "She has one now."

The mother and son are being held in the McMinn County Jail. Wilson's bond is set at $100,000 dollars. Grinter's bond is set at $26,000.
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