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113th Congress not the least productive in modern history

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(NBC News) - Well, it turns out the recently concluded 113th Congress wasn't the least productive Congress in modern history.

It was the second-least productive Congress.

Thanks to a rush of activity in its final days, 296 bills were signed into law during the 113th Congress (2013-2014), as of Dec. 19, barely surpassing the all-time low of 283 enacted during the 112th Congress (2011-2012).

Still, a good chunk of the bills signed into law this year alone - more than 50 - accounted for legislation naming post offices or other federal buildings. So hardly the type of work that would make a Daniel Webster or Tip O'Neill proud.

And the combined productivity of the 112th and 113th - in which Republicans controlled the House and Democrats the Senate - is the lowest of any back-to-back Congresses on record.

Here are the number of public bills signed into law by Congress since 1947:

80th: 906

81st: 921

82nd: 594

83rd: 781

84th: 1,028

85th: 936

86th: 800

87th: 885

88th: 666

89th: 810

90th: 640

91st: 695

92nd: 607

93rd: 649

94th: 588

95th: 634

96th: 613

97th: 473

98th: 623

99th: 664

100th: 713

101st: 650

102nd: 590

103rd: 465

104th: 333

105th: 394

106th: 580

107th: 377

108th: 498

109th: 482

110th: 460

111th: 383

112th: 283

113th: 296 (so far)

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