Anywhere you go around the city you'll find gas ranging in price hovering around two dollars a gallon.  The price of the gasoline at each shop depends on the market of the location. That's why gas is $2.05 in one place and $1.99 in another. 

Matthew Russell says the lower prices have helped him take better care of his car, by allowing him to be able to afford better gas. "I've actually been searching out the gas without ethanol.  I try to take care of this sweet little baby. No ethanol in the gas helps older vehicles."

However he says he isn't going to go to one place over another to save a few pennies, "I've been going to this place because it's convenient."

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Willis Alayon sings the same tune, "I wait for the tank to get low, to be honest.  Whatever I can find."  

He says what he has saved has allowed him to purchase other necessities.

"I think it's good for people with low income.  But I think it will stay like that for a long time."

Nationwide, gas prices fell an average 9.6 cents per gallon last week, and averaged $2.28 per gallon. Prices have been falling every day since September 25th.  Experts say prices could drop another 3 to 6 cents by New Year's Day.  

The lowest gas price in Chattanooga is currently $1.86 at the Sam's Club on Lee Highway.