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Neighbors say clown masks gone, flasher new problem

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Residents in one Bradley County neighborhood say a man there is exposing himself in broad daylight.

It's at the same house near a school, where three different men were teasing school kids with a clown mask.  

"We have been trying for the longest time to get him out of here since I've lived here," says one neighbor. 

The concerned neighbor is referring to Larry Stevens and the revolving door of people who who stop by to visit.  

"There are a whole bunch of people that keep coming and going there: in and out, in and out."

Three of those visitors were arrested when a neighbor reported them for trespassing after our original story. They admitted to scaring fifth grade children by jumping out of nearby bushes while wearing clown masks.

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Neighbors say since Channel 3's story, the clown masks are gone but the terror hasn't stopped. Witnesses say Stevens stands naked in the front door, touches himself, and tells people to watch.

"I said, 'no, I am calling the police' and he said 'go ahead, they cant do anything to me. I am in my own house.'"

The neighbors say they've called the Cleveland Police at least five times. They even took a photo which showed him exposed.

Cleveland Police issued Stevens a misdemeanor citation because he was inside his home. Neighbors say that's a slap on the wrist

"They told me they have to catch him in the act - that taking the picture proving it isn't enough."

Stevens is currently booked at the Bradley County jail for failure to appear in court for the citation.

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