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FIRST ON 3: Woman who was shot at in Hixson talks about ordeal

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HIXSON, TN (WRCB) - A Red Bank woman says she's lucky to be alive after coming in contact with a woman on a shooting spree. Chattanooga police are still trying to piece together what led to a woman's violent shooting spree on Friday.

Suspect Julia Shields is accused of aiming her gun at passing drivers in Hixson and shooting at least two of them. Police say shields was wearing full body armor during the attack.

"I have never been so scared in my life," said Phyllis McNutt.

McNutt tells Channel 3 she was driving down Cloverdale Drive, Friday with her 84-year-old mother in the passenger seat when shields came speeding down the road.

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"When she came up to the stop sign she didn't stop she went out and blocked my lane," said McNutt.

Now stopped in the middle of the road, McNutt said she waived Shields to go ahead.

"The second time I motioned her to come on when I did she held something up in the window and my mother said. "oh my God Phyliss that is a gun,"" said McNutt.

McNutt quickly shoved her elderly mother down into the floor board..

"She just pulled the gun up and shot through her window into my car. I just thank God I am alive," said McNutt.

The bullet went through her driver side window and hit the radiator, shields drove away

Lt. Craig Joel with Chattanooga Police tells Channel 3 a short time later, officers got several more calls of Shields driving around pointing her gun at people.

"In this case the woman was shooting outside of her vehicle, it's the worst case scenario in a residential neighborhood," said lt. Joel.

According to the police report Shields wearing camouflage and a Kevlar bullet proof vest aimed at three juveniles while asking about a dark green colored car.

She then shot into another car parked at Stuart Heights Baptist Church. Police said that bullet missed the driver.

Lt. Joel when asked about a possible motive, replied: "At this time it's still being investigated but it's pretty safe to say she is a mental health consumer so I can only speculate."

After a brief car chase, police say shields stopped in the middle of the road and aimed her gun at an officer. Authorities say the officer was able to talk Shields into putting her weapon down. She was taken to custody without incident or injury.

"It's like the police officer said its like she was trying to get someone to shoot her," said McNutt.

"In a split second that moment could have gone 10,000 different ways but she responded and replied and complied with that order and saved her own life," said Lt. Joel

McNutt tells Channel 3 she is scared to leave her home and there was more than $1,000 worth of damage done to her car.

The other driver whose car was shot into told police the only thing that stopped the bullet from hitting his back was a speaker box. Shields is charged with 3 counts of Attempted First Degree Murder, 7 counts of aggravated assault among many other charges. She's being held on a $100,000 dollar bond. Her first court appearance will be January 5th.

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