(KSL)  Of all the gifts people want Santa to bring down the chimney this Christmas, Matthew Deane is hoping for more toilet paper.

"Right now, we are up to 690 rolls," Matthew said Tuesday. "We had to reset our goal from 500 to a thousand by the end of the month."

The Deanes had to move the rolls from under their Christmas tree to behind their living room couch because the stack grew to nearly five feet tall.

"We have a tower of toilet paper," Elizabeth Deane, Matthew's wife, said with a laugh.

Of course the Deanes feel it's better to have all that toilet paper inside their Oakley, Utah home than having their home covered in toilet paper, which was happening a lot.

"We weren't sure why we were getting toilet papered, if it was because we were different, or new, or we weren't from this small town and that's just kind of what you get when you're new," Elizabeth said.

The first time their new home was covered in toilet paper was in August.

"We knew part of the culture of coming to Utah was to be toilet papered, because we both lived here as kids and we both did it," Matthew said. "But you do it once and you move on."

But then it kept happening, every single Friday and Saturday night, in fact.