The AAA reports more than 98 million people have taken to the interstates to travel this holiday season, a four percent increase from last year.

"We're from Miami going to Detroit," said Julia Elbers, whose family is a part of that four percent. "We opted to drive versus fly because we're going to take our time when we come back, because there are so many cool historical places."

But the weather is putting a damper on most plans.

“I tried checking everything out before hand, so I wasn't anticipating as much rain, but I just saw the weather report in Georgia and thought oh that's lovely. We are planning it so we can drive before another storm hits," said Elbers.

A little rain doesn't bother the Elbers though and they're not worried about snow either as they travel north.

"We're all prepped for that. We actually want the snow," said Elbers.

They say they've been lucky so far, experiencing virtually no traffic, but feel their luck could be running out.

"I wasn't expecting that this early to have a lot of that this early, but the further north we go we will pick up more traffic," said Elbers.

Holiday travelers are expected to be on the roads through January 4th.