U.S. Sen. Bob Corker has golfed with President Barack Obama, dined with him at a fancy restaurant and called him possibly the worst president in modern history.

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has broken bread with the president at the White House, squabbled with him on national television about health care, accused him of Nixonian tendencies and blasted him for acting like a king.

The two Tennessee Republicans' sometimes-amiable, sometimes-argumentative relationship with Obama and his administration has at times read like a Facebook relationship status. It's complicated — and about to get even more complicated when the senators become chairmen of two high-profile committees in the new GOP-led Congress.

Though committee chairmen won't be formally appointed until January, Corker is expected to head the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a position that will make him a key player in the oversight of Obama policies on everything from Syria to Iran to the recently announced plan to restore U.S. relations with Cuba.

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