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Santa stops by homeless camps with gifts and food

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - One local organization made sure everyone in town had a gift to open on Christmas Day, including the homeless.

The gift-giver dressed as Santa is also the founder of Relevant Hope, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless with basic needs.
Jimmy Turner wants to make sure no one is forgotten on Christmas Day.

"Christmas celebrations shouldn't be limited to people who have a decorated tree inside four walls," Turner said, "It should be for everyone in the area."
Turner and other volunteers are going to homeless camps with presents and food, giving people who sleep there items no one should live without.

"So us coming out here and just giving them a sleeping bag or a tent, something that's going to help protect them from the elements," Turner said, "Could be the difference between life and death for many people."
Ziggy is just one of many living in wooded areas around Chattanooga. 

He did not expect to be unwrapping gifts this Christmas, and the kindness behind this team of Santa and his elves remind him people care.

"That's the real meaning of Christmas," Ziggy said, "In certain ways you can give, not what you can get."
Santa handed out a hot meal, a warm sleeping bag and other essentials that will help Ziggy and his friends get through an uncertain winter.

"We work out of a day labor and you know we get it as it comes," Ziggy said, "You know we might work one or two days a week and you know it's hard. Real hard."
Turner says especially on Christmas Day he wants to spend it with all of his family.

"These people out here don't have that family to rely on," He said, "So we're becoming that family for them."

Volunteers with Relevant Hope make weekly visits to homeless camps around the community. They help around 200 people each week living in nearly 60 different camps.

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