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Formerly Homeless Woman Gives Back in Community Dinner

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It's easy to get caught up in our own lives during the holiday season, Members of the New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church are reaching out and helping those on our streets who sometimes don't even get a second look.

Each year, the church provides a community Christmas dinner. For June Kingry, it was a meal that changed her life. She was homeless for 4 years, and now, she's back on the streets of Chattanooga, sharing the message that turned her life around.

"I did the greens, mac and cheese, eggs and cabbage," June Kingry.

It's hard not to smile, this year is a milestone for Kingry who knows all too well what it's like living on the streets.

"I have slept everywhere from behind Bi-Lo on 23rd Street to down by the creek on 19th Street. I have sat in front of the grocery freezing," said Kingry. "This dinner is in the community in which I was homeless for many years."

Members welcomed her in with open arms, gave her a Christmas dinner and helped her find strength and faith through prayer.

"As long as you got breath in you and you wake up on in the morning you can make a change," said Patricia Stoudemire, New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church.

It's a life lesson, Kingry says she is determined to share with others still living on the street.

"Sometimes all you need is someone to just hug you and just to know you are loved. Just to let people know that we care and that's what we're supposed to do as human beings, is care for each other," said Gustinia Stewart, New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church.

"There are good people out there you might have to search a little but you can touch someone while you're searching, it makes a difference," said Kingry,

The Community Kitchen will have a Christmas dinner for the homeless on Christmas Day from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Organizers say they're still in need of oatmeal, grits, creme of soup and canned meat. If you would like to volunteer or help out, call 423-756-4222 or visit Homeless Chattanooga

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