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Grinch strikes; Community responds to save EMT's Christmas

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A Hamilton County paramedic is experiencing the holiday spirit albeit in an unexpected way as the community reaches out to him, after discovering his home was burglarized while he was on duty Tuesday. 

The thieves stealing just about everything of value from the house, including the family's Christmas gifts.

"For someone to take advantage of him while he's out serving the community and basically wipe him out is despicable," reacts Collegedale Police Officer David Myrick to Tuesday's burglary of local paramedic Michael (Frenchy) Chaigne.

"We respond to all EMS calls here in the city, so these paramedics and e-m-t's really become like family to us," says Myrick of the comaraderie emergency responders share with one another.

"I've had my house broken into before and I know that feeling," says fellow Paramedic John Allen, who along with Natasha Bingham, work and know Chaigne.

Both say as soon as the thief struck, the community responded with donations to replace what the thief stole, and restoring the family's Christmas plan

"We do what we do because we care about people and it's nice to know that our community is reaching out to help Mike," says Bingham.

"All the people that have shared with him , given him not only money but just called or sent messages and said we're thinking of you, that means a lot to us, we don't get that very often," says Allen.

"He has just been overwhelmed already by the outpouring of support," says Myrick.

If you'd like to help, you can make a donation to the Paramedic Michael Fund at any area SunTrust Bank

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