This week's case is testament to the fact that, when it comes to murder, authorities across the area do not give up until the case is solved - and, hopefully, someone pays for the crime.

It happened the morning of December 19th, 2008, at Premier Pattern and Machine. The business is on Woodburn Road, just across the Georgia line in Flintstone. The victim was the company's co-owner: Mike Mullens.

Mullens was a well known and very popular Flintstone civic leader and businessman.

Channel 3 interviewed Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson about the case in 2009. He said it looked to be "business as usual" for Mullens that morning, six years ago...until he was shot, as he was getting out of his truck. "A worker inside heard two shots, described as two pops," the sheriffs explained. "Three to five minutes later, he came outside, looked around, saw the victim's truck here, anticipated the victim was on the telephone talking. About 30-minutes passed, that's when two or three workers came outside to check on him, and found that he was slumped over."

The GBI calls it a clean murder, meaning there were no clues left behind. So far, investigators are without a motive for this shooting, but someone, knows what this was all about."It was a cold calculated, pre-mediated murder," Sheriff Wilson said. "Someone is guilty of murder out there, that's still walking around."

If you know anything about the 2008 murder of Mike Mullens in Flintstone, Georgia, pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers. The number is 423-698-3333.

Up to $1,000 reward cash on the table. We also guarantee no one, not your friends, your enemies, not even the police, will ever know you called.