1,300 kids in Catoosa County will now have a few gifts under their tree for Christmas.

Tuesday was the last day to pick up toys from stockings of love.

“We've got a 6 year old boy,” said Drew Tankersley, Volunteer for Stockings of Love.

Tankersley and his son Colby are spending a little quality time picking out toys for good girls and boys.

“Oh it looks like they'll be happy with this,” said Colby.

But as they were collecting the bags, one woman opened their eyes to what the season is about.

"My son and I were helping them get their things in the car. She was just so appreciative. They had lost their home to a fire 3 weeks ago," said Tankersley. “The kids are gonna have Christmas with their family, they wouldn't have that otherwise."

It finally sunk in for Colby, what they were really doing.

"It kind of caught him off guard and it made it real to him that it wasn't just a game. That there was a need and we were a part of fulfilling that need," said Tankersley.

That taught him a valuable lesson.

"It would be easy for a 9-year-old to think it's all about getting, but for the first time, he really began to see in Christmas; there's joy in giving things, not just getting," said Tankersley.

Even though today was the last day to pick up toys, it's not too late to donate to the cause.

The Stocking Full of Love Fund accepts donations all year round.