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Sony Entertainment announces limited release of 'The Interview'

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(NBC News) - Independent movie theaters based in New York and Atlanta said Tuesday they plan to be among the first in the nation to screen "The Interview" — the controversial North Korea satire — beginning Christmas Day.

Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed the film's release — an abrupt change after the movie company said last Wednesday it was shelving the movie indefinitely. That decision was made after some of the nation's largest movie theater chains said they wouldn't carry the Seth Rogan-James Franco flick in the aftermath of hackers saying they would threaten anyone showing the comedy.

The FBI said North Korea was behind the hack on Sony's internal computers, and Hollywood and the White House criticized the company's decision to pull the movie, which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong Un.

A spokesman with Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, which is based in Yonkers, New York, confirmed to NBC News that is plans to show the movie, although it had yet to release a full schedule for its 19 theater locations, which includes Texas, Virginia and California.

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