The daughter of a Hamilton County judge is in trouble with the law. Christina Starnes Evans, daughter of Sessions Court Judge Gary Starnes, is facing a charge of harassment.

This is not the first time Christina Starnes has been in trouble with the law. She was arrested and charged with domestic assault in July 2012 but her case was later dismissed. Starnes was arrested Sunday, accused of harassing her ex-boyfriend. She says there is more to the story and asks people to withhold judgement until her case is heard.

According to the arrest affidavit for 26-year-old Christina Starnes Evans, her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Cunningham, called the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office saying he received multiple phone calls and text messages from Starnes wanting to "get back together." He says he told her to "stop calling him and to leave him alone." He also claims Starnes "drove by his house." Starnes was arrested Sunday on a harassment charge.

"There are two sides to every story," says Christina.

Starnes spoke to Channel 3 by phone Monday. She is out of jail on a $700 bond.

"They should probably look at who brought the charges against me and how he was arrested in October," says Starnes.

Matthew Cunningham was arrested in October and charged with two counts domestic assault. Starnes says he assaulted her and her son. His case was dismissed December 11th. Channel 3 stopped by Cunningham's house for comment but no one was home.

"This is a retaliation on me and my father," says Starnes.

Christina's father, Hamilton County Sessions Court Judge Gary Starnes, issued a statement to Channel 3: "My daughter, Christina Starnes Evans, is 26 years old and responsible for her own actions. The criminal charge filed against her is nothing more than an unproven allegation at this point. Under the law, she is entitled to the full presumption of 'innocent' until proven otherwise. My daughter will vigorously defend herself against this charge. Myself and my wife, as any other parents would do for their children, fully intend to assist our daughter in this matter. This is private family matter and we would appreciate your prayers and respect for our daughter's privacy. Thank you."

"And I ask that people not judge," adds Christina Starnes.

Christina Starnes has a court date set for January 7th. Her father, Judge Starnes, has recused himself from the case. A special judge and prosecutor will be brought in to hear the case.