A group of people in McMinn County vandalized a
local golf course, costing $10,000 worth of damage.

According to McMinn County Sheriff's Office, five males and one female who appear to be in their early 20s trespassed on to the course, did donuts on the greens and crashed several golf carts.

The group was caught on White Oaks Golf Course's security cameras, but authorities need help identifying them.

"That's a very high investment I put in this year," owner Don Wyatt said, speaking of the new greens on his golf course. "With the carts themselves, there's numerous costs on batteries and tearing up bumpers and all that."

Wyatt recently returned home from vacation to find his golf course on County Rd. 105 had torn up by vandals. The group broke in around 1 a.m. a couple weeks ago.

"They actually played bumper cars and wrecked two or three of them," said McMinn Co. Det. Blake Witt.

On the surveillance footage, a couple of the vandals were first seen breaking into the building holding the golf carts.

"Then they wave their other friends on, and three or four more come," Witt said.

The group also brought a case of Busch Light beer that was thrown into the back of one of the golf carts before tearing up the course.

The security camera also picked up the girl taking pictures of the whole thing on her cell phone.

"They go on top of the hill up here and turn one cart over," Wyatt said, pointing out the damage.

Investigators say they're processing fingerprints and DNA from the beer cans left at the scene.

Wyatt hopes someone recognizes the people in the pictures.

"Hopefully someone will identify who they are and they can pay for their fun."

Anyone with information should contact Det. Blake Witt with McMinn County Sheriff's Office at (423) 745-5620.