(KSL) Emergency dispatcher Kari Bueno once wanted the person clogging up their lines with false 911 calls to get into a lot of trouble.

"At first, I admit it, we were pretty mad. 'We've got to find who this person is. This is ridiculous,'" she recalled saying. "'What are we going to do? We are so mad.'"

In less than a week, someone had made more than 4,000 calls to the West Valley City, Utah 911 center. At one point, Bueno was receiving three to four calls a minute, all of them from the same number, which traced back to a disconnected cellphone.

"It ties up all your 911 operators. We have to answer every call. We have to track down every call," she said.

About three weeks ago, police finally tracked down the person making those calls.

But it wasn't what dispatchers were expecting.