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UPDATE: Horse put down due to "emaciated condition"

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Officials had to euthanize this horse due to its emaciated condition. Officials had to euthanize this horse due to its emaciated condition.

UPDATE: Channel 3 has learned that one of the horses had to be euthanized Thursday afternoon due to its "emaciated condition". 

UPDATE: City of Chattanooga officials removed four horses from a property on Dodson Avenue Wednesday evening, acting on a complaint of abuse and neglect.

Channel 3 was on the scene as officials with McKamey Animal Shelter and the Chattanooga Police Department attended to "sick" horses at the Urban Rescue Riders property.

The Executive Director of McKamey said there were at least 10 horses on the property. She said they removed the horses in the worst condition Wednesday and sent them off with a veterinarian. 

Those on the scene say at least one horse was in very poor health and in need of immediate care.

"This is definitely not a sufficient environment for these horses at all, they're not in a healthy environment," said McKamey Executive Director Jamie McAloon. "I was kind of surprised to see all these horses in such a small amount of space inside the city."

Kenneth Jones and Michael Henderson own Urban Rescue Riders. The group teaches at-risk youth how to ride and groom horses.

"I just came down the road and McKamey was here," said Urban Rescue Riders Owner Kenneth Jones. "They said we'd been neglecting our horses which we aren't. We take good care of our horses. And I don't know what the problem is."

Jones told Channel 3 they purchased the horse in the condition that McKamey found it Wednesday night. Jones said they were nursing the horse back to health when McKamey raided their property.

"We're getting prosecuted for something McKamey said we were doing by the rules," Henderson said. "The same people that came out and inspected this place and said that everything is legit, now come out and hollering about how you have to have so many of this, so many of that. So the same ones we were looking up to for the guidelines is now trying to prosecute us."

Chattanooga Police assisted in the removal of the animals. The McKamey Animal Shelter says they've been to this house on more than one occasion, and changes will have to be made if the horses are to stay.

McAloon said the investigation into allegations of starvation continues.

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