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Bishop W.C.Hunter celebrates 50 years of ministry

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - One of Chattanooga's best-known church leaders is about to celebrate a milestone.

Bishop W.C. Hunter founded the World's Church of the Living God fifty years ago this month on his front porch, and it has grown to a large Chattanooga church, with affiliated churches throughout the southeast.

He started from humble beginnings, the oldest of 13 children,  He got married at the age of 16, and soon had a family of his own.   He admits, he was in and out of trouble, until he started teaching children the Bible at this home.

Now celebrating 62 years of marriage to his wife Peggy, and 50 years in the ministry, he looks back on a life filled with joy.  He's thankful he's been able to help  people, and thankful for what he's received.   In 1997, one of his church members, Chattanooga Police Officer Ernest Craw was able to donate a kidney to his pastor.

Craw was born into the church, and says his pastor's compassionate advice inspired him to be a police officer.  

Other church members cite Hunter's acts of kindness that have extended outside the church, into the community.  He's a famed barbecue chef,often hosting benefits for charities like Orange Grove Center.

At 78, Bishop Hunter has no plans to retire.  He hopes to continue his work in the church, especially supporting young people, locally as well as those he sponsors worldwide.  It's a life he loves, as he begins his second half century at his church..
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