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ONLY ON 3: Grandmother of baby burned by babysitter talks with Channel 3

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The grandmother of a baby severely burned by her babysitter in November is talking only to Channel 3.

Madoline Goines holds her granddaughter Janiyah in an embrace that's been a bit tighter ever since Nov. 28 when Goines got a call that her grandbaby was at Children's Hospital.

"I can't at that moment express how I felt as a grandmother and as a mother," Madoline Goines said. "No baby.. No baby.. Should have been burnt this severely."

Janiyah had severe burns on the lower half of her body. She had to be flown to the burn center in Augusta, Ga. for surgery.

The child's babysitter Consuella Jackson, 38, was arrested for child abuse and neglect. She told investigators the 5-month-old baby got burned while taking a bath in the sink. 

According to the affidavit, Jackson accidentally turned off the cold water, then felt it getting hotter. But instead of removing the baby from the sink, she told police she set the baby back in the hot water as she reset the faucets because "her arm was weak from the weight of the victim."

"I would like to see justice brought against this woman," Goines said. "I do not hate the lady but I feel strongly that something had happened to her and it was neglect."

Goines said she's just glad to have her grandbaby in her care this Christmas season. And with Janiyah getting better by the day, she knows there's a lot for which to be thankful.

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