(WRCB) - Good Tuesday.  After getting between .25" and .50" of rain yesterday and last night, we are still looking at a shortage of rain for the year of more than 8".  More rain is on the way Saturday. 

This afternoon, the rain will have moved on, but we will continue to see some clouds hanging around and breezes picking up from the west at 10-15 mph.  Temperatures will not change much through the day.  We are in the upper 40s and low 50s this morning, and we will only see a high of about 52 in Chattanooga.

Tonight will be dramatically cooler.  There is a slight chance for an isolated sprinkle tonight, then overnight the cooler air will spill in.  The low in Chattanooga will drop to the mid 30s.  Wednesday afternoon will sport some sunshine as the high gets up to 52.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy, but the rain chance is less than 20%.  We will start Thursday with a low of 34, and climb to the low 50s in the afternoon.

Friday will be a bit cooler.  The low... 31.  The high... 48.  Friday night we see clouds building with overnight rain that will last through Saturday morning.  Saturday mornings low will be in the mid to upper 30s.  Right now it looks like all rain, but if we have to tweak the temperatures downward at all we may be looking at some periods of mixed precipitation.  Stay tuned.

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     David Karnes


Noon... Mostly Cloudy / Breezy, 50

5pm... Partly Cloudy, 48


7pm... Mostly Cloudy, 45