A high speed chase ended with a crash Sunday night, bringing traffic on Interstate 75 to a standstill.

Several police agencies were involved and now three people are facing charges.

The chase started in Knox county went through Loudon, Monroe and McMinn counties and ended just past the Bradley county line.

Cell phone video taken by Channel 3 viewer Zayden Zembree, moments after a police chase ended right in front of him on 75 southbound Sunday night.

"It looked like an episode of cops," said Evon Porter, Witnessed Chase.  

"I kept looking in the rear view mirror and I saw these cops. And then all the sudden I saw this car go in and out, in and out, swerving in and out," said Dusty Fredrick,  Witnessed chase.  

Zayden and his friends were on the way back from Dollywood, when they tried their best to get out of the way.  

"You don't know where he's going to go or how he's going to swerve or if he was to hit a cop. It was scary," said Zayden Zembree, Witnessed chase.

"I was concerned for the safety and well-being of the other passengers and other people on the road. Because if this man or woman, whoever was driving, lost control, then that would have been a lot of lives that could have been in danger," said Zembree.  

"Periodically we will get involved in pursuits from other counties. We try to evaluate whether we're going to be in a pursuit or not based on the original issue that popped up," said McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy says four of his units chased because they thought the driver had a hostage.

"It turned out that there wasn't a hostage situation. From what we understand, that was just something that maybe one of their friends made up to let them get away," said Guy.  

 Law enforcement in Knox County say Johnny Davis, Aubrey Davis and Andria Keagle stole a cart full of merchandise worth nearly $900 at a Knoxville WalMart and took off, Johnny behind the wheel.

At some point Aubrey bailed out of the vehicle, but the other two led police on a chase more than 60 miles.

"He was pretty determined to get away," said Guy.

The two women were charged with theft, while Davis faces additional charges of evading arrest and reckless driving.

"He's where he needs to be. It worked out well this time and we're glad of it. But we look at all these pursuits and see what can do better as far as training and maybe even changing our policies and procedures," said Guy.  

"Davis was transported back to the Knox County Jail. That's where he sits on a $7,000 bond.

Our NBC affiliate WBIR in Knoxville reports that three suspects accused of shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a Walmart led officials on a high speed chase through west Knox County into McMinn County.

Officials said Aubrey Davis, Johnny Davis, and Andria Keagle loaded a cart full of merchandise worth nearly $900 dollars and walked out of the Walmart in western Knoxville without paying on Sunday afternoon.

The suspects then sped away in a car towards the interstate after a brief encounter with a Knox County Sheriff's Office deputy.

The deputy managed to catch up with the suspects' car and the chase continued on I-75 southbound through Knox County. When the deputy entered McMinn County, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and McMinn County deputies took over the pursuit. The suspects eventually wrecked on I-75 southbound near mile marker 40, but no one was hurt.

Aubrey Davis initially told a deputy that Andria Keagle was holding the driver, Johnny Davis, at knifepoint.

However, Johnny Davis told deputies that he fled from police because he didn't have a license and was on parole.

Aubrey Davis, 28, of Crossville was charged with theft, resisting arrest, and a filing false report.

Johnny Davis, 28, also of Crossville was charged with theft, evading arrest, driving on a suspended license, and reckless driving.

Andria Keagle 33, of Sparta was charged with theft and trespass.

Tennessee Highway Patrol says it will be charging the driver, 28-year-old Johnny R. Davis from Crossville, with felony evading, reckless driving, speeding and driving on a revoked/suspended drivers license.

A police chase ended in Bradley County just before 6 p.m. Sunday.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol tells Channel 3 there was a pursuit involving THP and the McMinn County Sheriff's Office that ended when the suspect vehicle crashed on I-75 near mile marker 36.

Channel 3 was told the chase started in Knox county. Sheriff Joe Guy says this was a possible shoplifting and hostage incident.

I-75 South was shut down due to the accident.