Dozens of Chattanoogans shopped for clothes and shoes and left without paying a dime.

Closets of love gave away nearly 2,000 articles of clothing to help anyone who needed it.

While there were a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, not a one had a price tag.

For many, buying new clothing is a luxury they can't afford.

And for Miss Chattanooga, Stephanie McKain that feeling is one she knows all too well, but with her non-profit closets of love, no one in this room will leave empty handed.

"When I was eight my mother and I moved to North Carolina with my grandparents with only two suitcases full of clothes," said McKain.

Every article of clothing from the time she was eight until she turned 13 came from donations.

"I can remember as a little girl holding up a pink shirt and saying look mom, I got something new," said McKain.

Remembering where she came from and feeling the love from the generosity of others is what drives her to help many in similar situations.

"In a moment when my parents were going through a divorce, I needed that love and affirmation. So that's what the clothes did for me, just reaffirmed my worth," said McKain.

She hopes as dozens come in, the clothing will remind those wearing it every day that they too are loved.

"It's truly, truly, heartwarming. I never thought closets of love would get this big," said McKain.

They hope to do another clothing give away in the spring.